There’s No Time Like Museum Time!

Elijah Schwartz shows spectators some work that was made in his class at The Studio. Photo courtesy

About once a month I try to take the kids to do something fun on a Saturday. During the summer we are often out walking on trails in a local park or swimming in the lake. The winter-time doesn’t obligate us to the indoors, but it is a good time to do inside things so that when the weather turns we can play out of doors. Our indoor activities often look like trips to museums and the Finger Lakes Region has something for everyone, no matter your age.

Last weekend, we visited the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester. There have been a lot of changes to the interior of the museum over the past few months and we discovered lots of new things that we had never happened upon before. Of course, we hit up the Wegman’s shopping area first, which the kids love because they can ring themselves up, play in the deli, or be a customer service representative as if they worked right in an actual store. We also discovered an area with a tribute to toy cars and Barbies™ on the second floor, and we spent a long time in that room. The museum is a library and has shelves of books everywhere which enticed the three of us to hang out and read when we started to lose steam.

Last month we went to the Corning Museum of Glass and enjoyed the amazing artwork and artifacts there. The artwork displayed shows the beauty and versatility of glass, and the detailed craftsmanship and creativity of talented artists through time. The museum also offers frequent glass-blowing demonstrations by experienced artists. We sat through three of these and I was pleased to find that each demonstration was presented with different information regarding the history and technique of blowing glass.

Although I live within 40 minutes of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, I have never been, and it is on my bucket list. Dedicated to the inventor of the first plane to make a pre-announced flight and the father of naval aviation, the museum features aircraft designed by Curtiss and others from his era. In addition to planes, one can enjoy viewing antique motorcycles, boats, and fire equipment. From February 24-25, 2018, the museum is having a Wintercycle Therapy event with over 100 vintage motorcycles on display.

I am already planning our adventure for next month, and am thinking it may actually look like the Wintercycle Therapy event since my kids love loud machines on two wheels. After that, we might fit another in before the weather grows warmer, but I don’t worry for lack of options because there are always so many things to choose from.

The Strong Museum of Play is located at 1 Manhattan Square Dr, Rochester, NY 14607. For more information call 585-263-2700 or visit

The Corning Museum of Glass is located at 1 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830. For more information, call 607-937-5371 or visit

The Glenn H. Curtis Museum is located at 8419 State Route 54, Hammondsport, NY 14840. For more information, call 607-569-2160 or visit

By Gabrielle L. Wheeler

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