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Freelance Guidelines - PRINT

Life in the Finger Lakes magazine publishes six issues per year. We assign work and also accept freelance work. Please query in writing. Email queries are accepted.

Life in the Finger Lakes is an outstanding, full-color publication that focuses on the upstate New York region known as the Finger Lakes. The magazine reflects life in the region-past, present, and future-and gives readers a chance to experience the area through all four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. The subscribers include people from the region who are life-long residents, newcomers who have just settled here, and vacationers who visit the area often. Estimated pass-along readership is 75,000. Articles focus on the Finger Lakes’ natural beauty and wildlife, the abundant history, and the rich culture as seen through the people of the area. We are looking for unique angles to stories. Our goal is to have some interesting fact in every issue that would inform even a life-long resident. Stories written in first person are of interest to us, as well as factual articles.


Happenings: A compilation of short news articles, almost like press releases. This is where we are focused on the present and future events that affect the region.

A Day in the Life: This department focuses on a person’s livelihood that is unique to the Finger Lakes area and brings it to light. Many ordinary people are doing exciting work in the region that our general readership would find intriguing.

Nautical: Discusses boating on the Finger Lakes and the canal system. This can include practical tips concerning watercraft, great coves to anchor in, wonderful views, canoeing and more.

Day Trip: A trip that would involve only 2-3 hours of driving at the most to reach an interesting and unique location. Most residents of the Finger Lakes and even people just outside the area would appreciate an itinerary to follow for these trips.

History: Did you ever know that fact about the little church at the end of your road? History is abundant in the Finger Lakes-you just have to dig a little.

Sports: From skiing to golfing, snowshoeing to bicycling, sport is an important aspect of the region. Focus on different sports, not necessarily the obvious ones.

Off the Easel: The back-page department that showcases the wonderful artistic talent of the Finger Lakes. We focus on artists who are painters, potters, sculptors, basket-weavers, and glass blowers, among others. A brief description of the art pieces is discussed and a brief biography of the artist is presented.

Made in the Finger Lakes: Products that are created in the region range from fine furniture to wonderful church organs. The manufacturers of these products in the region are many and would be more than willing to have our magazine focus on them.

Outdoors: Camping and hiking are big subjects for this department. The Finger Lakes trail is a good subject, as well as trails leading off from the main trail. Old railroad beds converted into paths are also an interesting subject matter.

Current issues: Subjects range from Native Americans to farming, from zebra mussels to women’s rights.

Food: A unique look at local restaurants and what favorite recipes they have to offer to the home chef. Winter issues of Life in the Finger Lakes will focus on this.

Book Look: Do you have a favorite book written about the Finger Lakes region? In this department we review these books and the exciting authors who wrote them.

Human Interest: There are many people in our region who may not necessarily be famous, but still have an interesting story to tell. It may be their entire life or a moment in time that they experienced that is worth retelling in the magazine.

Fruit of the Vine: A regular column that focuses on all aspects of the wine industry in the Finger Lakes Region.

If you are sending samples of your work, please send e-mail or photocopies. Unsolicited and written queries are accepted, as well as articles written on spec. Queries should include an outline of the article. Please include your highlights, reference sources, who you plan on interviewing, and any other significant information pertaining to the article. Your manuscript must be typed, not hand written. Please hold on to your original. Microsoft Word documents are preferred. Send queries to: Mark Stash, Life in the Finger Lakes, P.O. 1080, Geneva, NY 14456. Email to: No phone queries please.

Life in the Finger Lakes pays $.12 a word. Please include any illustrations or photos for the article and identify them with the name of the photographer or artist. They will be properly credited in the magazine. Payment for assigned, published photographs is additional. Payment, a copy of the magazine, and all materials are returned to each author within 30-60 days of publication.

All work submitted by the author must have all facts verified and must be the original property of the writer. We prefer that the article not appear in another publication before Life in the Finger Lakes magazine.

Payment Schedule
Life in the Finger Lakes pays writer contributions 30-60 days after publication of article/department.

Photography/Illustration Guidelines

Freelance photography is widely used in our magazine. A wide range of photography can be queried. We use many landscape and wildlife shots, along with interesting architecture and even photojournalism images. The photographer may choose to send a variety of images, or he/she can send photos that are of a particular theme. We pefer high resolution digital photos sent on a disk (see mailing address below). Low resolution photos can be sent via e-mail, but the photographer must have high resolution available in case they are published. Digital photograph submissions are encouraged, depending on the quality. Please use at least a 5 megapixel camera.

Photos sent specifically for scrapbook, online publishing and photo contest are not compensated.

less than 1/2 page - $23
1/2 to 3/4 page - $46
full page - $80
3/4 spread - $115
double spread - $150
cover - $165

Payment Schedule
Life in the Finger Lakes pays photography contributors 30-60 days after publication of photos.

Send queries to: Mark Stash, Life in the Finger Lakes, PO 1080, Geneva, NY 14456
Email to:

No phone queries please.


Freelance Guidelines - ONLINE

Life in the Finger Lakes magazine publishes a weekly e-newsletter, a weekly mobile app update, and weekly blogs on the website. The word count is usually around 400-800. Pay is $25 per article. Refer to content requirements above.