Regional Facts

The Finger Lakes Region is bordered on the north by Lake Ontario and on the south by Pennsylvania. West of the Finger Lakes lies the Genesee Region and western New York. To the east are the Catskill Mountains, the Adirondacks and the Leatherstocking Region. Rochester and Syracuse are within easy driving distance of any Finger Lake.

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Map of Finger Lakes Region

14 counties make up the Finger Lakes Region, which covers over 9,000 square miles

Cayuga County
Chemung County
Cortland County
Livingston County
Monroe County
Onondaga County
Ontario County
Schuyler County
Seneca County
Steuben County
Tioga County
Tompkins County
Wayne County
Yates County


Map of the Finger Lakes

 The individual lakes – in alphabetical order

Not to scale. Physical features of the lakes courtesy

Elevation: 1096 feet
Area: 649 acres
Length: 3 miles
Maximum width: 0.3 miles
Maximum depth: 95 feet
Thermocline: about 30 feet

Elevation: 688 feet
Area: 10,558 acres
Length: 15.5 miles
Maximum width: 1.5 miles
Maximum depth: 276 feet
Thermocline: about 35 feet

Elevation: 381 feet
Area: 42,956 acres
Length: 38 miles
Maximum Width: 3.5 miles
Maximum Depth: 435 feet
Thermocline: about 70 feet

Elevation: 818 feet
Area: 3,420 acres
Length: 8 miles
Maximum width: 1 miles
Maximum depth: 66 feet
Thermocline: about 30 feet

Elevation: 905 feet
Area: 1,800 acres
Length: 7 miles
Maximum width: 0.5 miles
Maximum depth: 91 feet
Thermocline: about 30 feet

Elevation: 804 feet
Area: 1,772 acres
Length: 4.5 miles
Maximum width: 0.8 miles
Maximum depth: 30 feet


Elevation: 715 feet
Area: 11,584 acres
Length: 19.6 miles
Maximum width: 1.9 miles
Maximum depth: 183 feet
Thermocline: between 30-35 feet

Elevation: 787 feet
Area: 2,200 acres
Length: 5.4 miles
Maximum Width: .75 miles
Maximum Depth: 76 feet

Elevation: 712 feet
Area: 6,665 acres
Length: 11.1 miles
Maximum Width: 1.3 miles
Maximum Depth: 177 feet
Thermocline: about 35 feet


Elevation: 445 feet
Area: 43,343 acres
Length: 38 miles
Maximum width: approx 3 miles
Maximum depth: 618 feet
Thermocline: 60 to 125 feet

Elevation: 863 feet
Area: 8,960 acres
Length: 16 miles
Maximum Width: 1.5 miles
Max Depth: 300 feet
Thermocline: about 35 feet