I grew up in the Finger Lakes and moved to Arizona 43 years ago. Your magazine is a wonderful reminder of things that we love about the area. The Summer 2013 Issue particularly resonated for me.

My father was one of the movers in getting the Middlesex airport built for a new flying club in the late ‘40s. He was airplane obsessed, one of the founders of the club, and got his private pilot license right away. He enjoyed flying for several years until he passed in 1981. To see a picture and read about the airport, albeit a brief bit, was a joy.

The pieces on the Geneseo airshow and Ted Williams were great. Finally, to see the piece on wooden boats brought great memories. Two of my uncles worked for Penn Yan Boats when they were building that superb brand of wooden watercraft. Keep up the great work. The quality of the magazine is outstanding.

Les Blodgett, Phoenix, Arizona

Yours is the finest regional magazine that we have ever read. I spent a 40-year career in the marketing field and have never seen a better publication. Thank you for your fine work.

Joe Kosmicki

I really enjoyed your 2013 Travel Issue, particularly the article on "The Seven Dwarfs,” since I live on one of the dwarfs, Honeoye. On the page for Skaneateles it stated that it is often referred to as “The Roof Garden of Lakes” because it has the highest altitude of all of the Finger Lakes. This is not correct. The altitude of Skaneateles is 263 meters above sea level. However, Hemlock and Canadice are 276 and 334 meters above sea level respectively. So as far as records for the dwarfs is concerned, Honeoye is the shallowest and Canadice has both the smallest surface area and is the highest above sea level. This data is taken from a DEC report on characteristics of the Finger Lakes by Clifford Callihan.

Keep up the good work. It is a wonderful magazine devoted to the jewels of New York State, namely the Finger Lakes.

Jack Starke, Honeoye

What a great issue! Every article was so interesting I just kept reading until I had gobbled up the whole thing.

The "Roll Out the Red Carpet" article made me want to write to you about the Hazlitt 1852 Cabernet Frank. It is always good, but when they have a good year it is really special. I always hope for one of those special years.

The thing about Riesling is that it is always dependable and doesn't need that special good year. Some years are better, but they are all good.

I look forward to every issue of your magazine.

Louise Bement, Lansing


Please complement Laurel C. Wemett who reviewed my book, Fight All Day, March All Night in the Summer 2013 issue. It was one of the best I've read. I'm not sure I could do any better.

Please congratulate Laurel and thank her.

Wayne Mahood

It has been brought to our attention that the article “Something for Everyone” in the 2013 Travel Issue includes the information that Susan B. Anthony owned a home in Seneca Falls and that it is open for tours. Unfortunately that is not a true statement. It was Elizabeth Cady Stanton who owned a home in Seneca Falls; I believe it is open for tours but I do not know the schedule. Susan B. Anthony lived in a home in Rochester at 17 Madison Street for more than 40 years. It was owned first by her mother, Lucy Read Anthony, and then by her sister, Mary S. Anthony.

Thanks very much.

Ellen K. Wheeler,
National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, Rochester

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