All That Glittered
Dear Mark,
I am Hank Stuart, son of Bill Stuart, founder of Sarah Coventry.

I have had many friends comment to me on the article in this issue. Thank you for doing a great piece on our family’s business. We were very proud of it and sorry that it did not continue for future generations.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith, the author of the article, obviously spoke with my aunt, Margaret (Margi) Beale. Please note correct spelling.

Also please note that my father’s wife (my mother) is Barbara Perkins Stuart, not Caroline Emmons Stuart. Caroline Emmons Stuart was the wife of my great-great grandfather C.W. Stuart

Best regards,
Hank Stuart, Rochester

We deeply regret any errors that were made in the details of the article from the Summer 2009 edition titled “All that Glittered: The Rise and Fall of Sarah Coventry Inc.”
–The Editor


I really appreciated the article entitled “All that Glittered.” I worked at the Sarah Coventry home office in Newark in the early 70s. It was my first office job and I never did find another one to top it. Mr. Palmentier was polite, friendly, professional and treated all the employees like they really counted. I started there by opening the mail and going through the orders. My supervisor, Marie, was wonderful. I was ecstatic when I was promoted to the correspondence department. Not only were the supervisors wonderful but the premises were out of this world. It’s a wonder that we could do our jobs because we all faced windows looking at a garden with water and every time that we looked up, we were refreshed by the sight.

The thing is that we were treated like people and not “employees.” Every week there were specials that only “we” could buy at a special price and after I left, I understand that there was a weekly store that was set up that sold many things other than jewelry. Nearly 40 years later I still have loads of Sarah Coventry and Emmons jewelry in my special wooden jewelry box that I purchased there and many fond memories of people that I worked with and would love to get in touch with again.
Debbie Miller, Wolcott

Inspiration in Several Forms
Thanks to Cindy Ruggieri for her article on the area’s ice cream places (Summer 2009 “Getting the Scoop”). I hope you can pass on to her the name of our local favorite…Papa Jack’s in Victor. Perhaps she can continue her journey there.

Thanks for your wonderful magazine. My brother visits us in the Finger Lakes in the summer from Kansas City, Missouri, and I always find ideas for places to take him from reading your publication.
Donna Lannon, Shortsville

Absolutely loved the letter to the editor citing Psalm 19 from the Summer 2009 edition. It put into words why the first morning of our month-long Finger Lakes vacation each year feels as anticipated and holy as Christmas morning.
Kristen Kron, San Diego, California

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