few years back, my wife and I bought our retirement land along one of the Finger Lakes. We spend a couple weeks there every other summer. We can’t wait to retire and live permanently in the region. In the meanwhile, we are so excited every time a new issue of Life in the Finger Lakes arrives in our mailbox, and we get to read about all the things we’ll get to do and about all the places we’ll get to see.

— John and Amber Smelcer, Kirksville, Missouri

My father suffers from Alzheimer’s and the days can be long and draining. A while back, I picked up Life In The Finger Lakes magazine in a doctor’s office. The pictures I saw were exquisite and during that brief time they actually transported me to the photographer’s location. Soon after I would scan each issue from cover to cover to see and experience the beauty of our area. It became evident very quickly that I needed to make my first purchase of a camera. I look at the world so differently now and have such a deep appreciation for things I previously took for granted.

You have opened up a whole new world for me and have given me the opportunity to “escape” even if for just a few moments. I am fairly certain there are many other folks out there that are unable to get out and enjoy our area and the fact that you bring it to us is a gift I will forever be grateful for.

— Tatiana L Calabria

Do you publish your magazine in large print?  My Mom is 97 and grew up in Prattsburg and graduated from Keuka College.  She is now having trouble reading the magazine.

— Kris Anderson

We do not publish a larger print version at this time. But I may have a solution. We have been publishing a mobile app version (digital) of the print magazine. It can viewed on any Apple or Android device (smart phone or pad/tablet). The text can be enlarged if desired. The app is free to download and use at the moment. We are creating subscription packages for print/digital magazines in the near future, which will be very affordable. Your mother can still get the print magazine and enjoy it that way, and she can also read it easier on an iPad or tablet.

— Editor

My husband and I enjoyed your article on the history of the Jell-O company in LeRoy. Both of his grandmothers worked for the company during the 1950s. Interestingly, a bit of Jell-O history resides at the Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo. Upon entering the museum you immediately see a horse-drawn Jell-O wagon such as the one mentioned in your article. A docent at the museum said the wagon was discovered by the “American Pickers” (Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz) in a barn in Louisiana. They offered it to the museum in Buffalo as it was the nearest transportation museum to LeRoy. Further, it had the space necessary to display the wagon and the full-size model horse attached to it. Perhaps one day this artifact of Jell-O history can find a home in LeRoy.

— Patrice Scheg, Fairport

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