Art for Art’s Sake

by Mark Stash

I’d like to introduce you to Sissy Jean. She’s a sweet Pygmy Nigerian goat that lives on a farm in Clifton Springs. According to her owner Jody Morris, she thinks she’s a dog and follows her everywhere. Jody has 30 pet goats, and 10 are rescues. And Jody took this photo of Sissy Jean, which she submitted to the 17th annual photo contest. I am showcasing this photo as this year’s Editor’s Choice Award.

The November/December issue this year has a definite art and creative theme. The photo contest continues to bring out the best in photographers who love the Finger Lakes Region. I always think that nothing can top a previous year’s photos, and then I am proven wrong. Please turn to page 36 to enjoy the winners in the 2018 contest.

Colleen McCall employs the use of two different mediums — painting and pottery. The inspiration behind her colorful pots and plates is her children, and wanting to make something fun for them to look at and use. She decorates the entire surface of her creations, from top to bottom, and inside and out. Read more about this unique artist in Ann Cady’s article on page 12.

Turning to page 28, you will see an article that has both a holiday and pet theme. Nancy McCarthy shows us all kinds of unique, made-in-the-Finger-Lakes gifts, for and about your pets. It’s a roundup of gift ideas for animal lovers and for their fur kids.

The Cobblestone Arts Center in Farmington is an art-centered day program for adults with disabilities plus community classes in art, theatre, music and dance. The center also has a theater area for live performances, plus it provides an after-school program. It’s filled a niche in the arts community. Read more on page 32.

The arts are well represented in the region. Get our there and enjoy them!

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