Dear Editor,
My wife, Barbara, who was pictured baby-sitting two cubs in “Getting Along With Bears” (LIFL Spring 2003), died from colon cancer at age 52 on February 27th – one day before the magazine arrived. She never did get to see it.

The Region 8 bear study project was very important to her and helped give her the stamina to beat the odds for over two years. DEC Wildlife Technician Greg Fuerst, together with Wildlife Biologist Jim Fodge, and Conservation Officer Dick Thomas, dutifully kept Barb posted on the whereabouts of “her” bears and the mischief in which they sometimes engaged.

Barbara was adventurous and loved the outdoors. One of our first dates was a fly-in fishing trip to a backwoods Adirondack pond. She hunted turkeys and deer, and often upstaged me – photographically – with her wildlife images.  Living here in the woods, she befriended deer, foxes, woodchucks, and birds, and even wanted to adopt a wild mustang.

I want to thank you – in Barbara's behalf – for your coverage of Finger Lakes bears and for providing our family with a lasting memory of her in print.

-- John Adamski, Dansville

Congratulations to all of you connected with this beautiful, interesting Finger Lakes magazine. Enclosed is a check to cover the cost of subscriptions to my sister and my two sons. I know they will enjoy reading your articles as we have.

I am a former neighbor of Mark Stash’s family and his mother sent me a subscription to Life in the Finger Lakes. I had told her about our trip to the Finger Lakes area and how much we enjoyed it – what beautiful country.

We wouldn’t be having terrible wars if people would stop to “smell the roses” and enjoy nature.

I’m 83 years old – just a country girl. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to plant a seed and watch it grow or take a cutting and wait for the tiny new growth to let me know “it’s okay – it took – it’s growing.”

I’m happy to say, at 83 I’ll still be working in my yard. God bless.

-- Eileen, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Our Spring 2003 issue of Life In The Finger Lakes just arrived, which we thoroughly enjoy and is the only magazine on our coffee stand when visitors/clients arrive.

I would just like to point out that on page 35 for the covered bridge caption it states “the only one in New York still in daily use.” There are three covered bridges in Delaware County, New York, that are still in daily use, one in Hamden, one in Delhi, and one in Downsville.

Great photography by the way, especially the bridge photo at Stewart Park. Keep up the great work!

-- Kelsey, Watkins Glen

The enclosed picture is from Seneca Lake. The flags were taken minutes after the twin towers tragedy, after I lowered the flag to half-mast with the sun shining through the flag and the fog coming off of Seneca Lake.

-- Charles, Horseheads

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