Extraordinary things happen in the Finger Lakes. I sit here on May 25, reading my son’s Early Summer 2014 edition of the magazine. In it I discover Bill Barnaszewski knows and can chronicle everything that will happen in his life in June, from the 3rd to the 30th. What the birds will be doing, when the eggs will hatch, even when the deer will take a swim. Perhaps this might more accurately be described as fiction, masquerading as an almanac.

– Rick Sears (Kendrick), Syracuse

Contrary to popular belief, an almanac is not necessarily a predictor of the future, but a collection of information of general interest. In no way was this article meant to be a forecast, but information on a special subject – the outdoors in the Finger Lakes Region. To make this perfectly clear to readers, the following description will be included – “2013 outdoor observations.”

– Editor

We are enjoying life in the Finger Lakes today. I live in Middlesex and we are sitting pond-side on this glorious day. Coincidentally, just last night at our pond, we stumbled upon a fawn curled up much like this cover photo.

– Elaine Verstraete

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your Spring 2014 article about Woodhouse timber frame homes. We connected with Woodhouse in 1997 at a Timber Show Event in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The process of building our home was challenging, trying, yet tremendous. Behind the beauty and warmth of a timber frame home is a talented team of artisans beginning with the design team. Most worthy of mentioning is the construction team. Your article showcases large, grand homes. It should be noted that no home is too small to be built as a timber frame. No matter the size, all are works of art.

– Diane and Bob Caryl, Marcellus

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