Flowing Inspiration

As I was studying the articles that were going into this issue of the magazine, I came across an underlying theme that flows through most of the articles – water. Summer is a time of year when I tend to spend more time outside, and part of that time is spent enjoying the lakes and rivers from the seat of a canoe or kayak, or bicycling trails such as the one along the Erie Canal.

The lakes themselves give us inspiration and activities to do. The pictorial titled “People of Keuka Lake” is Lisa Carp’s tribute to the people who live and work around Keuka Lake. Everyone who is pictured has a story to tell.

Most of us who own boats, or even those who don’t, can appreciate the beautiful antique wooden boats that grace the lakes during the summer. There are two boat shows in our area that you can attend this summer – in Hammond­sport and Skaneateles. Turn to page 20 to see wonderfully detailed watercraft and to get information about the boat shows.

A great number of pioneers started their westward journey on the Erie Canal, which starts in Albany and goes all the way to Lake Erie, in Buffalo. This canal, and other connecting canals, have shaped the history of New York. You can read about the origins of the Erie Canal, and the evolution from its commercial beginnings to the present day recreational use of the waterway.

The Erie Canal also had an effect on the decision of where to hold the New York State Fair. In 1841, Syracuse was chosen for that spot. Although the fair moved around a bit after the first year, Syracuse was chosen to be the permanent location for the fair.

This summer, get out and enjoy the music and art offered at the many festivals and fairs throughout our region.

Readers have occasionally asked me if we will ever run out of things to write about in our magazine. I don’t see how this is possible, since our area is so rich in history, culture, events, and natural beauty. We plan on bringing these stories to you for many years to come. Help us to do this by filling out a subscription card for yourself or a gift card for someone special. And thank you for your kind words and support.

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