Finger Lakes Fall Panoramas

Story and photos by John Adamski


There is no prettier place to photograph autumn foliage than in the vineyard countryside that surrounds Keuka Lake.  The rolling hillsides and picture-postcard farms are eye-catching at any time of the year but with a splash of fall color, the views are impossible to beat.



The orange, red, and yellow coloration of the woods beyond this vineyard says that the fall foliage in this region is reaching peak.  Even the grape leaves will soon display a bright golden hue.


Large vineyards like this are usually picked using mechanical grape harvesters, which gently shake the fruit off the vines and onto a conveyor that loads them into large wooden crates.  Some smaller vineyards are still picked by hand.  At this time of year, the aroma of ripening grapes fills the air.


I took this photo on the Knapp Farm in southern Livingston County.  The setting sun reflecting off of the wagon caught my eye while I was making a run looking for deer.


This complex of barns on the Sugar Creek Farm in southern Livingston County is highlighted by a small sunburst just before sunset.  These two farms adjoin each other and encompass thousands of acres together.


This combine on the Knapp Farm is rushing to harvest a field of soybeans before the rain moves in.  This is the harvest season, which is really dominated by the weather.  Needless to say, I didn't see any deer.

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