Band will perform first live shows in over 10 years

Reunited and performing together for the first time in over 10 years, the Steve Morse Band returns with a long-awaited live set including fan favorites from the band’s illustrious career. Featuring a trio of some of the world’s most notable instrumentalists - Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, and Van Romaine - this evening with the legendary act promises to be a must-see event in music history and a true testament to their status as the original gold standard in rock fusion. Performances are set for April and May, and tickets can be purchased via this link:
The night brings together three icons, beginning with the band’s namesake and Guitar Player Hall of Famer Steve Morse, songwriter and bandleader of The Dixie Dregs, member of supergroup Flying Colors, as well as former guitarist of Deep Purple, Kansas and more. Morse’s bandmates feature Dave LaRue, also of Flying Colors and The Dixie Dregs, as well as Van Romaine, one of the most in-demand percussionists throughout his extensive career playing live and recording with legendary names like Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Joel, Naughty by Nature and many more. 
“This mini tour is us getting back to what made us the happiest, musically,” says Morse. “Working with friends you know and trust, playing snippets of the best part of your lives together is too much fun to call ‘work’! We are very excited to be coming back and playing here, since we formed the foundation of the music touring and playing this town!”
In a can’t-miss celebration of musical prowess and unparalleled instrumental songwriting, this evening’s set from the inimitable trio is undoubtedly poised to be a music lover’s dream come true. Steve Morse brings back one of his original career-defining acts that introduced the world to his supreme virtuosity over 30 years ago. Still at the top of their musical game, the Steve Morse Band have returned to showcase and share their genre-defining musicianship once again.
Thursday, May 25, 2023     Homer, NY               Homer Center for the Arts 
Friday, May 26, 2023          Oakmont, PA            Oaks Theatre 
Saturday, May 27, 2023      Lititz, PA                  Mickey's Blackbox 
Sunday, May 28, 2023        Cleveland, OH          Music Box Supper Club

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