I read with interest the article “Summer Camps in the Finger Lakes” (see photo) by Kirk House in the July/August 2023 edition of Life in the Finger Lakes and enjoyed it very much. 

I am not sure if Mr. House intended a comprehensive list of the camps in the Finger Lakes but was disappointed that Camp Badger (also known as Empire State Special Needs Experience) was not included. Camp Badger provides a unique service for differently-abled individuals and has been doing it for many years, beginning originally with children who were having speech and hearing difficulties and converting to services for differently-abled persons more recently.

Camp Badger was named for the former Ed Badger, a member of the Binghamton Lions Club who gave the land for the camp in Spencer, NY.  The camp is a project of the New York State-Bermuda Lions. Its comprehensive website gives an excellent overview of the camp. I believe it is well worth being included in the list of summer camps located in the Finger Lakes that Mr. House provided in his article.

— Lion Rev. Dr. Richard H. Barron, Secretary

The Binghamton Lions Club



I want to thank you for my photo, “Morning Dance” being selected for 2nd Place in the color category of the 2023 annual photo contest (November/December 2023). The photo is my first wildlife photograph to be published!

Ironically, the grand prize winner, “Red Fox,” was taken by my best friend, Melissa Rowell! She was actually with me the morning I took my photo of the two great blue herons,

with one of the adults just landing behind the one already in the nest. When I met back up with her a little later she asked how I did and I showed her the image on the back of my camera. She told me then that it was worthy of a competition photo.

Again, thank you so much to your judges for selecting my photograph for your 2023 competition!

— Daniel Dunn



I am a 92-year-old transplanted elder (due to failing health) who deeply misses canoeing and cross-country skiing in the “God’s country of the Finger Lakes.” Your excellent magazine makes me nostalgic.

The most recent copy is outstanding. The photos alone are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

— John Ruef, Charleston, SC (formerly a Finger Lakes resident

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