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Twice a year, contributor Laurel C. Wemett reviews books for Life in the Finger Lakes magazine. The department is called “Book Look.”


Our copy of Life in the Finger Lakes came in today’s mail. Thanks so much for the lovely and well-written review. Much appreciated!
— Karen (Shughart)

Thank you for your fine review. It is very accurate and well written. I appreciate you mentioning the other books as well. The other reviews are excellent as well. It is encouraging how many other writers are working.
– Paul Mitchell



Years ago I visited your winery (from “The Legendary Walter Taylor” September/October 2017 issue, written by Morton Hochstein, describing who was behind the original Taylor Wine Company and is now Bully Hill Vineyards ) and went through your museum. I watched my dad drop to a chair and called me over. It was a giant letter to the editor defending Walter Taylor. It was amazing to see … again. The author of that letter was my mom. Is there any way I can get a photo emailed to me? She was good friends with Walter and always believed in him. She passed many years ago but my father would appreciate. Thank you.
— Elizabeth A. Adamson

Thank you for your inquiry Elizabeth. We occasionally get requests like this on our website. Please keep in mind that we report on many subjects and aren’t the “go-to” for other detailed information involving those stories. We suggest contacting Bully Hill Vineyards with your request.
— Editor


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