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You can also make a juice out of ripe sumac. My family does this often and we have lots of fun. I suggest trying it!

– Soaring Elk

Online article by John Adamski, published January 2018.



I was born and raised in Manchester, NY, and I have moved away for some time and I have came back and noticed the railroad bridge over Route 21, Manchester/Shortsville has been taken down. What year was that done? I remember walking under it on my way to school.

– Donna Meyer

Print article by Laurel C. Wemett, published in the September/October 2020 issue. Reproduced at fingerlakesmagazine.com.



I am no longer in New York for the winters, but if I were, I would be right there with you in finding this to be a disappointing winter. I always loved the big snowstorms and the excitement that they caused in me and to some extent the rest of the area folks as well. Thanks for sharing a perspective on winter that anyone should be able to find beauty in! (And letting me find someone else in the world who likes a good snowy winter.)

– Judy Butterfield



This story just explained how I feel. Thankfully, one branch off a willow tree in the pasture. I’m not a winter outdoor enthusiast, but appreciate the beauty of it. This is the first winter after retirement that I haven’t driven in it much.

– Judith M Snyder

Online article by Derek Doeffinger, published
February 2023.

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