I am a subscriber to Life in the Finger Lakes and I look forward to every issue. The July/August 2022 issue brought back several places that I had been to in my younger years – Garrett Chapel was one of them. I was a teenager then. I’m 90 years old now.

A few more places include Glenora concerts on a Sunday afternoon and evening. They were free. Bare Hill on Canandaigua Lake was fun to visit, plus many other places around that lake.

I enjoy the layout of the articles in the magazine, and the ads are interesting too. I’m unable to travel now that I’m older and my travel partners are gone.

Keep up the good work!

Marie Luffman, Geneva



When I was a little girl, my grandparents owned a cottage on Marilena Point on Keuka Lake. Several times a summer, my dad and I boated across the lake to hike up the bluff to the chapel. We even met Mr. Jones, who placed the stones for the retaining wall. He was an old man even then.

My dream, always, was to be married in the chapel. My father and Mrs. Barden, a member of the Garrett family, made that dream come true. On June 28, 1969, my husband and I were the second couple to be married in the chapel.

Thank you for reviving so many beautiful memories.

Sarah Corwin Brady, Campbell, California



The 1972 Flood article (May/June 2022) stirred a part of me and brought up memories that I hadn’t thought about in years. The flood happened on my birthday, when I turned 27. We were evacuated at 1:30 a.m. by bullhorns of the National Guard and guided to a school on higher ground in Corning. We all were in a state of shock.

Then, the recovery and work and mud and the stench – and trying to walk or drive in six inches of mud – to try to reach a vehicle or a home was the stuff of nightmares. Neighbors and strangers helped each other as they could, and shared what they had. Corning Glass was everyone’s savior in more ways than I can list.

Seeing Corning that first day of flooding, and then seeing it a year later was a miracle because of the people and their determination.

Shirley Burnham, Penn Yan


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