Where can we find the “I Love New York” sign that is in the photo on page 67 of the May/June 2020 issue?  I assume it’s somewhere along Seneca Lake, but where?  It will make a great photo with our motorcycle group as we come crawling out of sheltering in place for two months. Thanks in advance!
–Peggy Matulewicz

The sign you’re referring you is at the Finger Lakes Welcome Center in Geneva, right on Seneca Lake (photo taken by Bill Banaszewski). Please share your photos, and for that matter, any other photos from your motorcycle excursions!
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  — Editor


I have been a subscriber since almost day one and continue to enjoy both the digital version and hard copy of your magazine. You do a great job.

Last year visitors to our summer rental from Italy informed us that they decided to stay on Keuka Lake for their first visit to the Finger Lakes because of our unique “Y” shape. They live in Italy near the famous Lake Como, which they informed us is the only other natural lake in the shape of a “Y” in the whole world. I have seen pictures and it really is amazing.

— Mel Baker (from the Bluff overlooking Keuka Lake)

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