Coming Out Better

by Mark Stash, Editor

It seems like yesterday when I wrote my editorial for the May/June 2020 issue. I wrote about the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and how we as New Yorkers – and others around the world who love the Finger Lakes Region – were handling the restrictions and isolation. At this point now, everyone is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, but finally the Finger Lakes Region is opening up a bit and we’re able to move around more freely and live our lives as we wish.

Of course, we are all still taking precautions when necessary, but restaurants, retail stores and all sorts of businesses are opening up. One of the major limitations still is the inability to gather safely in large groups. I hope that will improve soon as well.

I remain optimistic about the future. I also know that because of changes in lifestyle, people have to adjust how they exercise and enjoy their daily life. I have noticed that I’m seeing a lot more people outside. They are hiking and walking on trails, riding their bicycles and scooters, going out on their boats, kayaks and canoes. By the way, check out the paddling activities at the Finger Lakes Museum in Branchport. People of all abilities can take advantage of their expertise. Basically, if there’s a way to enjoy the outdoors, we are taking advantage of that. Bicycle, footwear and outdoor equipment and clothing sales are up.

This issue has many articles on the outdoor activities that we can now enjoy. Do you like to spy on giant birds that swoop through the sky and scoop up fish from the water? Read about regal ospreys on page 40 that have made a comeback in the region, especially around Cayuga Lake. There are many areas to watch their antics. We’ve even provided a map on page 45 for you to use as guide.

We’ve also provided information about hiking and biking trails for people of all abilities. Turn to pages 36 and 52 to read more about these outdoor gems.

Many people have really missed the opportunity to have a drink and a meal in public – to be served by a waiter and enjoy the ambiance of a particular restaurant, winery and micro brewery. Finally, we can do that, with certain limitations in place. I for one have enjoyed sitting outside, drinking a local IPA, while watching families go by on their bicycles on a nice smooth trail. It makes life feel more normal again. We have all missed that I am sure.

Let’s keep forging ahead and thinking positively about our future. Changes are taking place in many parts of society, most are hopefully for the better. Sometimes it takes a challenge in life to come out better on the other side.

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