I sure enjoy your magazine each time I get the opportunity to read an edition. You manage to uncover another gem to visit with each issue.

A minor note on an article in the September/October 2019 edition, in an article titled “Past, Present and Future on the Keuka Outlet Trail,” the author states that “The first record of human occupancy was in 1788 ...” I’m sure she meant no slight, but in all fairness there were humans (Native Americans) living in the area for several thousand years before the cited religious group arrived.
— Phil Rittenhouse

I’m a great lover of doo-wop music and happened upon the information and songs of Little Jan and The Radiants (March/April 2016, written by James P. Hughes) at this site: doo-wop.blogg.net.

I discovered this site a number of years ago and go to it often to find obscure groups or info on a group I have heard a song from. As you enter their site they post a feature group, chosen at random, every day or so. That led me to Little Jan and The Radiants popping up as the featured one.

I listened to “If You Love Me” totally transfixed. I had never heard of this group or this song before. It is always amazing finding a new song and this one is absolutely wonderful! I love good endings and, as you know, this one nails it.

I said to my wife, “Let’s see if we can find any info on Jan Perolla on the internet.” That led right to your article. Thanks so much for your investigating and finding Jan, and then composing such a great tribute article.

— Norm Keon
Saint Louis, Michigan

Wow loved reading about our beautiful lake. Yes, it’s still my lake.
— Pat O’Connell Messur, Facebook post

Pat responded to a post from August 1, regarding how Seneca Lake is surrendering its watery secrets through a high-tech research vessel that finds long-lost shipwrecks.
— Editor

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