Recently my girlfriend and I took a small vacation up to the Finger Lakes region in New York and we loved it! Even though I have seen many places throughout the U.S., and the world, I have never found anywhere as quaint and beautiful as the Finger Lakes. The most amazing sight of the entire trip occured in a moment when, in the middle of a gloomy rainy day, the sun briefly poured down into Watkins Glen, creating one of the most beautiful sights I have even seen! I just
wanted to share a photo of this amazing sight (wondering as well if you might be able to use it) and say that we love your magazine and your beautiful region as well!

Matthew, Cleveland, Ohio

I enjoyed the magazine very much.  You can't do any better than the McCarthy and Reynolds photographs (I have books by both of them and have bought numerous ones for gifts).  And you have a great selection of ads - I read every one of them! - and learned something! I recall an earlier Finger Lakes publication that was so Ithaca-centered it was useless for the rest of us.

Gail, Seneca Lake

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