A Busy Season

Nothing portends winter so much as a southbound flock of Canada Geese, though some geese find a New York winter to be quite pleasant. Nevertheless, the approach of winter prompts us to get some things done that we’ve been putting off all year. I desperately needed to get some outside painting done on my house, for example, and once the leaves start to turn, I’m out there with a renewed sense of urgency.

I’m sure that we all have our own projects that we need to accomplish before the dead of winter is upon us, such as repairing or replacing furnaces,  fixing roofs, or preparing our flower beds for next spring. Once all of this is accomplished, we may have some extra time on our hands to while away during the long winter months.

I wonder why winter seems to be so arduous to us? There are a great variety of activities that we can enjoy in the wintertime, and we hope reading this magazine is at least toward the top of your priority list. What we are bringing to you in this issue should give you some idea of new, interesting things to see and do.

In this issue, we are presenting our first ever look at books that are Finger Lakes related – great for fireside reading. The quilting craze is here to stay. Let us show you how a local Mennonite woman creates her quilts.

Cabin fever can be a problem during the winter, especially with young children. We have the perfect solution to spend a dreary day by visiting Ithaca’s Sciencenter, a hands-on
museum that’s a big hit.

Some winter weekend, why not head to high country in the region’s southeast corner for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing? At the end of the day, you can use our guide to select that special dessert or sparkling wine you’ve been thinking about trying.

We are especially proud to bring you the winners of our first annual photography contest. We were amazed at the quality of fine photographs to choose from. We also bring you the original artwork of Darryl Abraham, and show you a gem within our area, the Smith Opera House. And did you know that Seneca Falls has a unique reputation as the inspiration for It’s A Wonderful Life’s Bedford Falls? At least, that’s how the legend goes.

After reading this issue, you’ll be equipped to enjoy this winter, and find it as pleasant as our Canada geese have found. And while you’re at it, please tell your friends where you learned all of this great information. Enjoy!

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