In response to “Safe Haven: Fort Ontario”

Dear Ms. Underhill,
I greatly admired your piece on Ruth Gruber and her heroic deeds, a story I know quite well. You see, I am the author of the musical play “Haven” (based on Ruth Gruber’s book) which premiered in Los Angeles in 2001. Although I am a Long Islander, I happen to be in Rochester visiting my daughter now, ergo my seeing the Finger Lakes publication. Thanks for letting me revisit the incident in such a well-written way.

There is a “Haven” website if you want to see some photos of the play. It is www.williamgoldstein.com/ haven.html

Jerome Coopersmith

As always, another great magazine. Outstanding photos and stories. Keep up the good work. Your photos and stories make you feel like you are standing right in the heart of the Finger Lakes from your living room. Thanks again.
-- Bob, Vestal

I am a subscriber to your magazine – enjoy it greatly – and have purchased subscriptions for others.

On the map “Your Guide to the Finger Lakes” (Winter 2003, p. 38) Waneta and Lamoka Lakes are shown but not identified. (Yet, Cayuta Lake is noted.) As a long-time resident of Waneta Lake, I would strongly recommend that both Waneta and Lamoka Lake are identified on this map so that there is uniformity. Inasmuch as wineries, bed & breakfasts, etc. are located around these areas, a benefit to your readers would be to show location and identification of both lakes. I appreciate your consideration! Thanks.
-- Helen, Waneta Lake

Here is a picture of Hector Falls taken on my last day trip to the Finger Lakes region. Those falls are one of those things that make you stop the car and get the camera out. Pictures like those are why I never go anywhere without my cameras.
-- Babette, Fulton

I must take issue with the article about Ithaca being a “cultural oasis” of the Finger Lakes. Steuben County has the largest collection of Western art east of the Mississippi at the Rockwell Museum. There is also one of the finest collections of glass art in the world in the Corning Glass Museum. Steuben County spends thousands of dollars each year supporting all kinds of arts. Chemung County has the Clemens Center, that has musical as well as visual performances to satisfy many different tastes. Chemung County’s Steele Library has a fine collection that could rival Ithaca’s public library. North of here, there is the Canan­daigua Performing Arts Center that features an assortment of musical styles. During the holidays, the local merchants sponsor many events that feature music, such as classical or jazz and also a lot of art exhibits. This is all done by people who live in the area who love the arts and the community. These events can be very charming, serious or a combination of both. To me, a magazine called Life in the Finger Lakes should feature all of the Finger Lakes.

Paolo, Finger Lakes region

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