We received our Summer 2004 copy of Life in the Finger Lakes and are extremely pleased with the article you have included in your magazine (“Piped-In Music – The Real Kind – In Bristol Valley”). I will say that we have had many articles written about our company since we moved to this area in 1986 (The Daily Messenger, Democrat & Chronicle and some smaller publications). Your article was interesting, informative and unlike others written by non-musicians, was quite accurate; this was a pleasant change. We have known Bruce Beardsley for many years and knew he would do a fantastic job.

I would like to congratulate you on this fine publication; it is first class in every respect.
– Ellen Parsons, Parsons Pipe Organ Builders, Canandaigua

I love the magazine, keep up the great work. As a photographer it is an  excellent source of inspiration and new areas to explore and photograph in the  Finger Lakes region. I was wondering when you will begin accepting photographs  for the annual photo contest and how I may submit my images.
– Tyler, Honeoye Falls

Thank you for your interest in our annual photo contest. You can read information about it on page 71 of this issue.
– Editor

I just finished browsing through the photos of the article “First Light in the Finger Lakes” in the Spring 2004 issue, and I have to scold you – with a chuckle, of course – because the caption under the Conesus Lake photo on page 57 has spelled “McPhearsons Point” incorrectly.

And I should know firsthand. You see, in June of 1971, as a young married couple, my husband and I bought #2669 on the “point,” as it was known, and set up housekeeping. The following summer our daughter had learned to walk and loved to play outside. Because of the traffic speeding down the point road from East Lake Road, I built a sign out of plywood and painted a warning to SLOW DOWN! Well, that evening our neighbor came home from work and promptly came over to  tell me that I had spelled “McPhear­son’s” wrong. Since I prided myself as an honor student from Avon Central Class of ’70, I told him, “No I didn’t.” It was not until about a half-dozen of the other longtime residents came to tell me the same thing that I conceded and looked it up in the Conesus Lake directory to make sure. They were right. And I double-checked just now to see if they had changed it all after all these years (hahaha). The 2004 directory still spells it McPhersons Point.

It looks like lots of things have changed, for instance we divorced and sold the house. The kids are now 33 and 30 years old, but the spelling remains the same.
– Sharon, Rochester

My neighbor was a little late last winter getting his boat hoist out of the water on the east side of Seneca Lake.
– Ovid Randall, Romulus

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