Great stories in this week’s e-newletter. I especially like the sunflower story (by Derek Doeffinger). Sad that you didn’t see any of the Fredericks or their sunflowers, but you found others. Beautiful flower.

Then on your return, you passed through Phelps at parade time. Another Phelps story.

I live in Phelps and so enjoy my Life in the Finger Lakes print magazine, and these online stories. Thank you for amazing things.

— Bonnie Dixon



In the September/October 2021 issue, the information about kayaking Owasco Lake has two glaring errors. All Finger Lakes flow south to north, so the exit on the north end is the outlet, not the inlet. Also, Emerson Park is not the only public access to Owasco – kayaks can put in at the south end of the lake near the marina on Route 38 at the inlet, which itself offers a beautiful paddle through the woods.

— Julie Ray

Yes, the outlet of Owasco Lake is at the north end, and the inlet is at the south end. And yes, there is a place to launch a kayak or canoe at the south end of the lake at Cayuga County Park. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

— Editor



Lots of good stuff in the September/October 2021 issue! I especially like the “On The Road” story on page 56. What a great idea. Am I missing something about the picture on page 8 of a dirt road in Canton, New York? I’m very familiar with Canton and St. Lawrence University but Canton

is in the North Country.

— Ray Levato

Thank you for your kind words about the latest issue Ray! We try to be accurate with all of our information, and on occasion errors happen. The barn on page 8 is located in Caton, New York – not Canton. That comes down to a typographic error.
— Editor

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