Get Fit in 2019

story and photo by Gabrielle L. Wheeler

Though finding time to exercise can be difficult, staying in shape is something I strive for nevertheless. After a summer of running around my oval-shaped driveway, I have recently acquired some exercise equipment in my attempt to keep to it over the winter. Group fitness classes are another favorite of mine; the energy and comradery help keep a person motivated. If you happened to have made a resolution towards getting or staying fit this new year but don’t know where to begin, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Your Circus On – The trapeze isn’t just for those planning to join the big top any more. Now, youth and adults can take classes to learn the art of trapeze, aerial silks, pole dancing, and more. Circus Culture in Ithaca offers All Things Circus classes for youth and adults which also includes juggling, acrobatics and handstands; youth classes include tight rope walking. Visit for more information. In addition to the silks and trapeze, Aerial Arts of Rochester offers bungee exercise classes and aerial yoga for a dose of off the floor Om. Visit for more information.

Go Swimming – Don’t wait for summer to get back to the water, instead hit your local YMCA, gym, or favorite indoor pool for this low-impact, calorie-burning exercise. Touted as building cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance from moving through the resistance of the water, swimming is one exercise that is a near total body workout. Take a friend along and it’s even more enjoyable.

Download a Fitness App – We are all connected to our smartphones, so why not use it to get in shape? Some fitness apps allow users to track and plan workouts, others guide users through workouts and often adapt to the user’s fitness level like a personal trainer. Many apps also have built in meal plans and calorie counters. Apps are generally free to download, and users can open personalization features for a fee. The great thing about technology is that it can be used in conjunction with a gym membership or favorite fitness class on days you can’t make it out of the house. Another idea is to pair up and compare with a buddy for accountability or competition so that you aren’t alone.

If getting fit is your 2019 New Year’s resolution, it doesn’t have be by sheer force on a tread mill. Mix it up and keep it interesting by trying fun classes and personal trainers at your fingertips.

Gabrielle Wheeler is a freelance writer from the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. On her parenting blog,, she writes about tending to the whole child and parent. She also works in a local health center as an interpreter/patient navigator.

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