Breathe, Just Breathe

Sunset overlooking the pancake-shaped ice mounds on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Breathe in the winter. Embrace it! It will reward you 10 times over.” These are the words of Linda Scalise Schamberger, a kindergarten teacher by day in Fairport, and a passionate photographer during her non-work hours. “My photography gets me outdoors on a cold crisp morning or under the stars on a magical moonlit winter night to capture what most people never get a chance to see with their own eyes. It’s a contagious excitement that continues to drive me out the door and explore almost daily throughout the months of January through March, when most folks are huddled in their homes and seemingly hibernating,” says Linda.

Linda posts often on social media, particularly Facebook. Her followers love seeing the beauty she captures throughout the year and look forward to her posts. Visit her at to inquire about purchasing photos. She also offers private photography lessons to those who have a desire to get out in the field to discover strategies firsthand.

A future venture that Linda is seriously considering is coordinating a small group to take photography trips in the surrounding regions and then expand to more distant adventures outside of the state and country. Contact her at for more information.


A wheat field covered with frost looks magical as the sun rises.


The moon sets on an early and chilly winter morning in Penfield.


The last rays of sun shine on this beautiful farm during the middle of winter’s embrace.


A starburst of the setting sun lingers in an empty barn along this open field.


The photographer’s friend Claire, who also enjoys taking photographs, ventures out on the ice-swept pier for a better view of winter’s wrath.


The sun rises along the Fairport Canal bridge.


Short-eared owls appear at dusk in a blizzard of snow to begin their nightly hunt for food.

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