Autumn Classics

Autumn may be my favorite time of the year. After a long, hot summer, I look forward to days with just a little bit of nip in the air.  September signals the coming days of crisp, bright sunshine while overcast, brooding skies are common during October and especially November.

I used to take many walks with my family as a child growing up in Pennsylvania. I remember that these excursions increased in frequency during September and October, simply because the weather was more cooperative. The changing of colors during the fall are well known in the northeastern United States, and the woods around my childhood home were no exception. But the thing that I remember most are the scents of autumn. It is said that the sense of smell helps us to store memories, and when we smell something, even years later, that memory associated with a certain scent can trigger an intense recollection of memories. This is what happens to me as I stroll through the woods around my home in the Finger Lakes. The organic aroma of fallen leaves, ripe grapes and the forest floor after a rain storm bring back many pleasant memories from my past.

There are a myriad number of adventures to be had in the woods during childhood, from finding the homes of small wild animals to the pleasure of playing in a stream that flows underneath a canopy of bright colors. Now, as an adult, I can walk on trails next to incredible, unique lakes, along old railroad beds, or past farmer’s fields that are ready to be harvested. There is such a variety of places to go and things to see in the Finger Lakes. I think that we live in an area that has something for everyone, and getting outside during the fall season is a rewarding experience.

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Best wishes for a fall season full of new adventures.

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