A Time to Catch Up

Winter. This season can be a quiet time, a time for reflection and contemplation. For most of us, the outdoor chores have dwindled from gardening, grass cutting and house maintenance to shoveling snow and collecting firewood from the shed. Some of us take on different tasks and revisit hobbies of ours that might not get as much attention during warmer months. I personally like to catch up on my oil painting during this season. It’s a cozy kind of feeling, working in the warm studio while the wind howls just outside the window.

Sterling Klinck is a craftsman who lives and works at East Hill Farm in Middlesex. He started out refurbishing boats and ended up creating a boat himself. He enjoys working all year. In fact, he may be even more productive during the winter season. You can read more about him on page 39.

Reading good books is a favorite activity of mine, and during the winter months the volume of published material that I read certainly increases. Our “Book Look” department is becoming something of a tradition. Laurel Wemett conducts the reviews throughout the year and puts her thoughts to print for the winter issue. You’ll find a wide variety of books to choose from; history, fiction, guidebook, and children’s stories are some of the genres presented.

Of course, the tradition of showcasing local photography in our annual contest is still alive and well. Every year we receive numerous entries from talented individuals, and 2004 is no exception. Flip to page 32 for a diverse view of Finger Lakes imagery.

Settle in and enjoy your winter. I’ll see you next spring!

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