Revivals and Beginnings

When we search for stories to include in this magazine, we look not only for historical pieces and places to visit, but also for inspiring pieces. One such article in this issue, “The Aurora Renaissance,” fills the bill. Aurora is a village located in Cayuga County, along the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake. It was once a thriving community, especially in the mid-19th century, but like many other once-prosperous communities in the Finger Lakes, it fell upon hard times, with little money to help support the infrastructure of the community. Thanks to the local college and philanthropists in the region, Aurora is once again becoming a gem.

I’m sure that there are many such villages and cities in the Finger Lakes that need and want a similar revival. Unfortunately, without financial backing, it’s difficult to get much done without raising the taxes of a community that just can’t afford it.

I think another way for a community to revive itself is through the support of small businesses that want to start up in an area. These entrepreneurs are like treasures. They should be encouraged and given help to make their dreams come true, and in turn their neighbors will benefit from their success. That kind of support is what built our communities in the first place.

I’ve read a lot of mail from readers who are certainly proud of where they come from and where they live. I propose that we showcase your photographs in a department called “Finger Lakes Scrap­book,” which will premier in the Summer 2004 issue. This will be an opportunity for everyone to show us the photographs that are interesting to you and highlight your life.

Please continue to tell your family and friends about Life in the Finger Lakes. Without your support, this magazine would not be around for very long. As a friend of mine said recently, “people buy your magazine because they want to, not because they have to.”

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