A Lot to Offer Within these Glossy Pages


I like to think that readers of Life in the Finger Lakes magazine get a lot of bang for their buck. At least, that’s one of the goals of our publishing company. We pack more useful information, things to do and places to go within the confines of 100 pages than the casual reader may think. And, we do it with eye-catching design, insightful articles and beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Time and time again I have heard opinions from various people stating “Oh, you publish a print magazine – isn’t that a dying product?” I beg to differ. I think that people still love to read magazines when they have good, unique information and imagery, especially about an area that is near and dear to the hearts of many.

Information may be cheap these days, and within quick and easy reach through mobile devices and television. Yet, I still firmly believe in the medium of print on paper. Many of us have to stare at screens of various sizes all day because it’s a part of our job. I like to think that leafing through the glossy pages of an attractive magazine is the break that we all want and need, from time to time. Technology may be flashy and new, but good content is good content, and we base what we do on bringing that content to you via the smooth, seductive pages of a print magazine.

As I stated earlier, I believe we publish a lot of good content in every issue we bring to you. I’m honestly blown away by the variety in this issue.

We have articles about the best waterfalls to see, foot golf (what the heck is that?), belted kingfishers, photos from drone aircraft, farms, music, fishing, dream homes, antiques, play areas for kids, the Honor Flight program, an apothecary, outdoor living in our backyard, coffee, cooking for camping – and that’s not everything.

That doesn’t even include the 160+ advertisers who believe in Life in the Finger Lakes magazine enough to spread the word about their wonderful products and events within the pages of this issue. I would love to thank each and every business that supports us. I am asking that you please support them, and let them know why you’re buying from them – because you saw their advertisement in Life in the Finger Lakes.

We love bringing the Finger Lakes to you through this magazine. Thank you for being a loyal reader!

by Mark Stash, mark@lifeinthefingerlakes.com

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