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Thank you for Life in the Finger Lakes with its gorgeous photos and seemingly endless stories of history, people, and current happenings. Even the ads are fun to peruse! The May/June 2018 issue with the article on “Crystal City’s Gaffer District” was especially interesting. How did the tower, “Little Joe” get it’s name and why was it built originally?

– Bill and Connie Widdis


According to the “Buildings Alive” brochure, the Little Joe Tower was used to manufacture glass tubing used for thermometers until 1973. To quote the brochure “tubes were produced by using the vertical draw process. Skilled technicians and glassworkers formed molten glass batches, and then stretched them to the top of the Little Joe tower using a cable system.”

– Cindy Ruggieri, author of “Crystal City’s Gaffer District”


In the May/June 2018 edition, the article “Focus on the Flag,” moved the village of Mount Morris ... to Yates County. It is located in Livingston County.

Jane Maloney, Springwater


This misinformation was the result of a typo. We regret this mistake.

– Editor



I read your lovely refreshing magazine this morning while waiting for the dentist. Thanks for a great distraction.

I especially enjoyed the article on bluebirds by Laurie Dirkx (May/June 2018). It was an enjoyable read and the photography was awesome. As a lifetime member of the New York State Bluebird Society (, my only additional suggestion would be to include this society for people who might be interested in additional help In becoming a bluebird landlord.

Pat Lynch, Greece, New York


There are some great people living in and around Prattsburgh. I’m talking about the volunteers who help out at the Prattsburgh Food Bank once a month at the parking lot next to St. Patrick’s Church. Volunteers show up even in the rain, snow or hot sun — several people are in their 70s and 80s. Occassionally there are over 100 families that need assistance.

Jack Goebel, Branchport


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