Wine and Cheese – Sweet Ambrosia

Many historians speculate about the ingredients found in ambrosia, food of the ancient Greek gods. Some claim that it was never a real food to begin with – merely a nectar unknown to humankind.

I, however, am pretty sure that I don’t really care. Why? Because I think the humans got it right: wine, cheese, and some fantastic artisan bread.

Spring marks the start of some pretty amazing winery tours in the Finger Lakes. In fact, April 22-24 is Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s “Spring Wine and Cheese Weekend.” From getting tickets to a plethora of self-guided tours that cross the region to just deciding to have lunch at the closest local vineyard, you really can’t go wrong with a glass (or two!) and a platter of cheese.

I’ll regretfully admit that I’ve never been on a New York State wine tour, though I’ve been to plenty of the wineries – many have full-scale restaurants with outdoor seating for when the weather is nice, and many have gorgeous views of the Finger Lakes. However, I fell in love with the notion of a wine tour when I studied abroad in France last January.

Lucky for me, I’ve got access to some fantastic local wines back home, too. It’s easy enough to run to the store and choose a bottle of any of the local stock, do some quick wine-pairing research a la Google, and then request the steamiest, crunchiest baguette the bakery has on hand. Sounds like a lovely, relaxing evening, right?

But for those who are feeling a little more enthused or who even just want somewhere to go, actually visiting a vineyard can be an incredibly fun experience! You can learn about the history of the winery, the family that owns it, and even see the grapes that born your beautiful beverage.

Don’t know the difference between a wine “nose” or “finish?” Those working in the tasting rooms are experts about how to drink wine in order to get the maximum taste out of each sip. Are you a seasoned veteran that just wants to find a new favorite flavor? Those same people can likely tell you exactly what fruity undertones you’re detecting, and make suggestions that will blow you away after only a few minutes of talking to you.

I cannot express how cool these mini-trips can be. I would consider them quintessential to the region – be sure to mark your calendars for a visit and blaze a trail all your own! Otherwise, just sign up for one of the ones created for you. It’ll be totally worth it.

And as far as I’m concerned, the gods can keep their nectar, and I’ll keep mine!


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