Two Arts Initiatives Happening in Owego

Kathye Arrington – Tioga Trails Storefront

Tioga Arts Council (TAC) and Historic Owego Marketplace (HOM) are pleased to announce a series of community-based arts initiatives to brighten the Village of Owego this holiday shopping season. Join them on Friday, December 4, between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., to enjoy First Friday and the following:


Community Art Banners

Each year, visitors to downtown Owego are greeted with Lights on the River Banners hung throughout town. However, to promote safety and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic, this beloved event was canceled. Bradley Crews, President of HOM, reached out and proposed partnering on community banner campaign. Crews states: "What makes the Village of Owego magical during the Holiday Season is the community itself and the feeling of small-town America that still exists here. We are thrilled that our community members will be represented all over town with art created by our local artists, families, and community groups." 

This year, the traditional Lights on the River Banners have been replaced with custom community art banners created. Christina Di Stefano, Executive Director at Tioga Arts Council (TAC), states: “The arts have always been essential to Owego - enlivening its historic downtown, contributing to the vibrancy of our community, and enhancing the quality of life of its residents and visitors. Now more than ever, the arts are needed. By partnering with HOM in this community art project, we hope it brings color and joy to downtown Owego this holiday season.”

There are 27 banners decorating Front and Lake Streets, and the guiding theme is “Winter Wonderland”. Below is the list of participating individuals and families:

  • Kathye Arrington                     
  • Susan Camin                             
  • Carolyn Campbell                      
  • Donna Cheresnowski                
  • The Di Stefanos                         
  • Michael Husted                         
  • The Jacksons                             
  • Suzanne M. Lachman                
  • Carol Livermore                        
  • Mary Mack                               
  • Braelea McLaren                       
  • Michelle McLaren                     
  • Alice Mischke
  • Zoie & Heidi Mosher
  • The Ousterhouts
  • Alayna & Ronald Pasto
  • Ann Pellegrino
  • Betty Pellicano
  • The Sagor Family\Peggy Sayers & Granddaughter, Penny O.
  • The Schleider Family (2)
  • Camden Thole
  • Harlow Thole
  • Maxx Thole
  • Owego Rotary Club
  • Nikki Corgel, The Discovery Center

A special thanks Carolyn Campbell and Suzanne M. Lachman, The Walk-Up Gallery & Studio Space, and Brandon Smith, Scott, Smith & Son, Inc., for preparing the banners for use and to Ahwaga Paint & Floor Covering for donating a portion of materials for the project.


Decorated Empty Window Fronts

As part of the Tioga County Strategic Economic Recovery Plan, TAC has initiated a special project: decorating the windows of vacant storefronts in downtown Owego. While TAC wants businesses to be successful, our hope is to help beautify empty windows throughout Tioga County's downtown districts during the recovery period and as needed in the future.


Window 1 – Former Hand of Man, 180 Front St.

In honor of the passage of the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, the Tioga County Women’s Suffrage Committee decided to decorate this window in two parts. The eastern window nods to our historic forebears who fought for women’s suffrage and the advancement of equality. In the western window, our group combined a variety of more modern elements that pay homage to the work being carried out in the 21st century.

This window was made possible by the Tioga County Women’s Suffrage Committee, which is co-led by Legislator Martha Sauerbrey & Chris Knickerbocker. Other committee members are: Christina Di Stefano, Abbey Hendrickson, Julie Lovelass, Scott MacDonald, Rebecca Maffei, Loreen Maley, Emma Sedore. Other contributors to this window design are: Suzanne Poe, Cloud Croft Studios & TAC Board Member; The Walk-Up Gallery & Studio Space artists, Carolyn Campbell, Suzanne M. Lachman, and Alice Mischke. A special thanks to Adam Weitsman, Upstate Shredding - Weitsman Recycling, for opening this space.


Window 2 – Former Tioga Trails, 50 Lake St.

Walking west on Main St., you first encounter a window display that features a Kwanzaa-inspired mudcloth artwork and display; round the corner is a series of 2- and 3-D artworks by artists, Suzanne M. Lachman and Michael Husted; moving down Lake St., you can enjoy a variety of landscapes by Donna Cheresnowski, a hand-painted mural in the window by Ann Pellegrino, and work by Carol Livermore.

This window was made possible by the following artists: Kathye Arrington, Donna Cheresnowski, Michael Husted, Suzanne M. Lachman, Carol Livermore, and Ann Pellegrino. A special thanks to the Building Owner and Property Manager, El-Sayed Mohammad and Phil Brailsford respectively.


Live Music

Owego Free Academy (OFA) musicians will be providing outdoor holiday music featuring, OFA Senior Jacob Dove on trombone. Jacob has been accepted to this year's All National Modern Band and is active playing music of all genres around our community.


Visit for more information.

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