Tompkins County Spring

Photographers Richard Welch and Harriet Sutherland showcase the awakening of a new season

This beautiful pink dogwood tree is located near the park headquarters at Taughannock Falls State Park. Dick had photographed it in the spring for many years but never obtained an image which satisfied him. Finally, on a very foggy morning, with the tree in full bloom, he was able to separate the tree from its background and show the blossoms in their full glory.

One of the earliest and most beautiful of the spring wildflowers is the tiny Hepatica. The path up to Taughannock Falls abounds with these lovely little blossoms. It takes Harriet's acute eye to spot them peeking up through last year's fallen oak leaves.

The quadrangle forms the nucleus of the Cornell campus. On a warm spring day the students will sit on the grass in the sun to relax or maybe catch up on their studies.

In the spring and summer months, fishermen flock to pools below Ithaca Falls. The lucky ones bring back some large rainbow trout. This scene is typical of early spring just after the snow has melted.

The fog was just beginning to lift at the Bridge at Stewart Park. Dick had Harriet walk across the bridge as the blue sky was starting to appear in the background.

Built in 1853 and newly restored, this bridge in Newfield is the only remaining covered bridge in Tompkins County and the only one in New York still in daily use. Harriet often stops  with her camera on the way to her teaching job at the Newfield Central School.

We look forward to the first spring flowers. The early emergence of the crocus gives us thoughts of new growth soon to come. A late wet snow covers the blossoms and Dick captures this image just outside the front porch as the melting snow leaves drops on the petals.

Photography by:
Richard Welch & Harriet Sutherland
4111 Garrett Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 277-2631

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