Thankful for the Winter-y Finger Lakes

Photo by Janie L. Ferguson

Like thousands of other Americans, this Wednesday I’ll be driving home to spend Thanksgiving with my family. But unlike most people, I’m lucky enough to call the Finger Lakes home.

This time of year is full of family and celebrating, but still I find that there always seems to be one thing that’s a topic of negative discussion: snow. Most people start to gripe when the weather takes a distinctive turn for winter. Yes, this time of year it definitely does get cold and typically the lake effect snow starts to kick in from the moment that the atmosphere hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This can start as early as October (I’ve trick-or-treated through two feet of snow before!), but I don’t recall a single Thanksgiving that doesn’t at least have a light dusting.

This typically makes for a frosty time outside if you decide to attempt the infamous fried turkey.

But I say bring along some hand warmers and just jig it out! I love making fun clouds with my breath and feeling the blood rush into rosy, chilly cheeks and noses. Sometimes a crisp moment outside is all I need to feel refreshed and ready to mingle again (but maybe that’s just an introvert thing).

If nothing else had stolen my heart, I especially love that the Finger Lakes never do anything half-heartedly- not even the seasons.

If the chill isn’t for you, then simply consider the cold a total incentive to just stay inside for a while. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be indoors with lots of friends and family around. When it’s nippy outside, it makes the inside just seems a whole lot cozier. My theory is that one of the best parts of being outside in the winter is simply getting to come back inside. Fuzzy socks, comforters, warm tea or cocoa, and fireplaces. That’s where it’s at.

There are many things that I’ll be thankful for on Thanksgiving- that I’m thankful for all year round. But one of those is and will always be the beautiful, snowy place I call home.

Halie Solea 2013By Halie Solea

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