Spare Time

by Mark Stash, editor

Activities that have not slowed down in 2021, and continue to grow and increase in popularity, are building and renovating, camping, hiking and kayaking. The extra time that people are spending at home in the past year have changed what they’re doing with their spare time.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, the population has been looking for a safe way to enjoy itself, and the outdoors seem to be the answer. Camping popularity is at an all-time high. Try booking a campsite now on a water site, and you’ll learn you should have booked it four months ago. There has also been a popular movement of customizing old school buses and vans and renovating them into unique RVs, suited to the owners’ needs. Check out what Amy and Jeff did with an old RV on page 78.

Last year, husband and wife Gail and Geoff decided to dip their kayak paddles into each of the 11 Finger Lakes. Their adventure started in the summer and ended before it got too chilly in the fall. Their experiences, starting on page 50, may inspire you to try something similar.

Hiking can take many different forms. Some people like a nice stroll along a wooded path or a canal trail. Others challenge themselves to climb mountains and cover great distances. One such hiker has done both, and Heather – the Botanical Hiker – enjoys finding edible plants along her travels. Learn more about some of these plants on page 38 that you may come across on your summer excursions. And please be extra careful and mindful if you do plan on trying to eat a plant you’re not familiar with.

Renovating takes on new meaning on page 42 with the Rochester company called TiverBuilt. The 3D digital design and construction company helps homeowners remodel their home in a modern and dynamic way.

Enjoy your time this summer. Enjoy your families. All of these activities enhance our lives and makes them more fulfilled.


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