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If summer is the time of year to relax, unwind and participate in the many activities that this region has to offer, then fall is the time of year that has a flurry of activity before the snow flurries begin. Personally I feel like a squirrel feverishly searching for and storing nuts for the winter. I’m trying to get as much work done around the exterior of my home and I’m also trying to have as much outdoor fun as I can before the weather changes.

Several years ago my family invested in a popup camper. This was a huge step up for us from tent camping. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy sleeping in a tent, but when the rain’s coming down and I wake up in a popup, there’s not nearly as much concern about staying dry as I would have in a tent. Plus, those little conveniences like storage cabinets and running water in a sink are just nice to have. One of my favorite items in the camper is a little propane heater. We camped last October in Pennsylvania and the nighttime temperature dropped into the ’30s. That little heater kicked in a couple of times and really made our stay much more pleasant.

Others who enjoy camping even after the main part of summer passes are those who have hard shell campers. A group is coming to Sampson State Park this September called the Tin Can Tourists. These people own vintage campers and trailers, which are pulled more often than not by vintage vehicles as well. You’ll see by the photos on pages 55-57 that it looks like a campground scene from the 1950s.

Many tourists flock to the Finger Lakes during the summer and fall to visit the wineries. Most of the lakes have wine trails, and these trails have events throughout the season to entice travelers to stop by the wineries and taste their incredible wines, sometimes paired with excellent food as well. You can read about two such food and wine pairings by turning to page 70.

Autumn is the time for hunters and photographers alike to don their camouflage garb and take to the woods in search of a whitetail monarch of the forest. An article on page 36 will surely interest you. Incredible photos were taken of a singe whitetail buck during the course of a year. It’s amazing to see what minimal antler growth looks like in May, and then to see the buck in October. His huge antlers makes you think it’s not the same animal. The changes that a buck goes through in a single year are incredible.

Visiting communities to shop and see new sites is also a pleasant diversion during fall. We’ve featured Mount Morris and Brockport in this issue. The Main Street of Mount Morris is undergoing something of a Renaissance with specialty shops and renovated buildings. If you haven’t been there recently, I think it’s worth another visit. Brockport is a village that has much to offer. It’s on the Erie Canal, and with its unique shops, history and college, it too can offer shoppers and tourists alike an ample opportunity to spend a pleasant day.

I hope you enjoy the eclectic articles in this issue. We try to offer a variety of subjects, and it seems this magazine is certainly loaded with many different ideas. I think you’ll find that getting out in the Finger Lakes will pleasantly surprise you by fulfilling all of your interests.

by Mark Stash

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