Dear Mr. Stash,
I love the article on the community of Newfield in the Spring 2012 issue and I couldn’t agree more that it is a hidden gem! We have called attention to the article on our school district website – www.newfieldschools.org. I would love to be able to link to the article text, but I see on your website that it is not available. Would it be possible for me to get access to the article, either now or when it is no longer current? It is great publicity for our little town and school district at a time when we desperately need to promote ourselves. Thanks for your consideration and for a wonderful magazine that focuses on all the things I love about this area!

Catherine L. Shipos,
Newfield Central School

Dear Catherine,
The most recent digital edition of each magazine is available to paid subscribers of the magazine. You can also look within my editorial on the opposite page and use the code appearing within the circle callout. All back issues of Life in the Finger Lakes are availabe to everyone without using a code, starting with the Spring 2011 issue.

Thank you, the Editor

Dear Mark,
Congratulations on your pull-out grid map of the Finger Lakes in the 2012 Travel Guide issue – it is a gem! I am the fellow who suggested your regular page 4 map and am proud of that as I tell friends and family (would still love to see a grid on that to help readers find your many fine advertisers). You are doing a great job with your magazine!

Thomas E. Snyder, MD

My wife and I love your magazine and hate to quibble, but the Finger Lakes map enclosed in the 2012 Travel Guide issue of your magazine has the town of Berkshire (Route 38, above Newark Valley in Tioga County) labelled “E. Berkshire” and the location of East Berkshire labelled “Berkshire.” We are positive that only a resident of Berkshire will care about this reversal, but you might want to correct the next version of the map for accuracy’s sake.

The Rev. Dr. Rich Barron
Berkshire, New York


I must say that as a retired history teacher, the beautiful pictures and well-written stories about the communities and events surrounding us bring me special enjoyment with the arrival of each issue. Keep up the good work.

William F. Jenks,


I found that this article (A Proud Community: Brockport, Fall 2011 edition of Life in the Finger Lakes magazine) was very detailed and had many positive things about Brockport. But, I noticed that towards the beginning of this article it said, “Many of those brick houses still stand proud in Brockport.” But many of the houses from the beginning of Brockport have been knocked down or destroyed.

I also liked in this article how it doesn’t just show the attractions in Brockport, but the way it looks and feels. Like how this says, “...has an undeniable small town America flavor,” and “evocative of a lively village Main Street as it ‘used to be.’ ”

I also enjoyed how this article talks about the history of Brockport. I found this very interesting. In all, I thought this was a great article.

Eric Kelleher,
Troop 312, Penfield

Dear Eric,
I want to thank you for your willingness to put your thoughts on paper and send this letter to me. That takes a lot of ambition on your part. You are a self starter and a leader among your peers.

Kind Regards, the Editor

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