Spring 2012
by Readers of the Magazine

I enjoyed the four articles in your magazine in 2011 regarding eldercare. I was especially pleased to see a reference to the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) in the Winter 2011 issue. As the only certified professional daily money manager in the Finger Lakes Region it has been my mission for the past few years to make the term “daily money management” a common and more recognizable term to describe the services we offer.

DMM services are so needed in our communities, and can be one more “piece of the puzzle” of an array of services to help an older adult stay independent a little longer and help keep their daily finances in order and safe from potential financial abuse.

Jackie Bell


Thank you for the recent issue of Life in the Finger Lakes you sent in the mail and thank you for this brilliant magazine from a former Finger Lakes resident, by way of Newark and Syracuse University. My brother still lives in Newark where we grew up and he sent me a subscription for Christmas one year.

I miss the beautiful Finger Lakes and try to get back as much as possible.
Your magazine reminds me of its unique landscapes, history, viticulture, incredible food and yes, life in the snow belt. Colorado is very nice. However, this part of New York will always be home. Thanks for the memories.

Craig L. Davis
Parker, Colorado

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