For several years I have subscribed to Life in the Finger Lakes, most of which I have enjoyed thoroughly. While cleaning out my files, I came across the 2013 Travel Issue featuring day trips.  Its contents are my most enjoyable reading. Is it possible to have more magazines like this one issue?  We enjoy taking day trips from Tioga County. Several of them have been suggestions from your magazine.

I also enjoy reading the history and events of small towns which I find in most of your magazines (at least one article). They, too, have been helpful in finding places to go on day trips.

My least favorite articles are the ones about all the wineries on the Finger Lakes. My feeling is that once I have been to three or four of them, I know what the rest are like. Perhaps I have the wrong impression.

Keep us informed on the small towns and day trips. More please.

— Lil Barron

I have been meaning to write to the editor of Life in the Finger Lakes to say that I find this  magazine the best in the Finger Lakes! It has such a diverse approach to all areas of the Finger Lakes from east and south of Rochester down to the Binghamton area. Your photos are outstanding and your content is so wonderful to read – without missing an article – and the diversity is remarkable. You must be proud of your staff and freelance writers and  photographers. Keep it coming!

— Suzanne Farley, Naples

The cover for the March/April 2018 issue looks great. High waves and blue sky at that spot. I would think that is a rare thing. I have taken that sort of shot only once, and I think I still have windblown sand in my clothes. 

— Mike Sargent, Farmington

I got the March/April 2018 edition in the mail, and read the article titled “Green Recipe.” Really good! How Laurie Mercer makes such a weird subject interesting is beyond me. But she did. And it fits right in with the magazine’s interest.

I think the magazine gets better with every issue. The photography blew me away this time. I have never been to Taughannock Falls or Ithaca, and now think this will be a definite trip when we are down at Keuka next summer. The photos of Sodus Point were great too.

— Mark Sweetland

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