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Book Publishing Options
I read with interest Nancy E. McCarthy’s article, “Turning Pages in the Finger Lakes,” in the September/October 2015 issue.

In addition to the helpful avenues that aspiring book writers might travel and that Ms. McCarthy discusses, I suggest one more: university presses. University presses are often conceptually and, for many writers, attractively located in a space between traditional commercial publishers and self-publishing.

Typically, university presses are engaged in publishing original scholarship in book as well as journal formats. And, while university presses’ editorial scope may vary from one to another – for instance, we at RIT Press do not publish poetry or fiction – virtually all university presses have as part of their mission books of regional interest. Using RIT Press as an example, we publish scholarly books on such subjects as fine arts, printing history and print media, graphic design and business.

Our professional organization, AAUP, the Association of American University Presses, has 137 members and, in the Finger Lakes Region, there are several university presses including Syracuse, Cornell, University of Rochester and RIT Press.

— Bruce A. Austin, Ph.D., Director, RIT Press

Crowd Pleasing
For the second year I have been fortunate to experience the incredible tourism attraction of the elk in Pennsylvania. Numbering about 800, these animals have been an incredible tourism attraction to an area in Elk County, Pennsylvania, which was struggling to survive. With the building of the Elk Center and the increased number of these large animals the human turnout to see these beautiful animals has been incredible. On weekends there are thousands of people coming to experience this unique attraction. This is a year-round attraction with businesses flourishing and increasing. What was once a sleepy hamlet of Benezette is now a bustling community all due to the elk.

Imagine what could happen if the white deer of the former Seneca Army Depot were given the same kind of consideration? Food for serious thought!

— Dennis Money

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