Dear Mark,
I just became acquainted with Life in the Finger Lakes magazine. It is a publication of which you can be proud.  It is well written, covers a variety of subjects and makes available a wealth of information for those unfortunate enough not to be familiar with the region. I have lived in the Finger Lakes region for some 56 years and know it is a place of both hidden and flaunted charm and one that should be visited by all New York residents.
— Bob, Canandaigua

I thought I’d share with you a special Finger Lakes image. This is the little girl we babysit. She just got back from a walk over to the neighbor’s greenhouse with my mom to buy some flowers.
— Darlene, Penn Yan

Love your magazine. I keep all the issues in a clear plastic magazine rack in our living room at our Keuka Lake cottage for our guests to enjoy.
— Lois, Canandaigua

Hi Mark,
I have been a subscriber since your very first issue, and want to compliment you and your staff on the amazing quality of your last issue (Fall 2005). This magazine has been good from the start, but the quality of articles and photographs has been improving by quantum leaps. Keep up the good work.
— Donna, Geneva

I know we have had a very dry summer, but I could not believe my eyes when this camel appeared on the other side of the lake from our  vacation home. The photo was snapped on Labor Day weekend 2005.
— Nancy, Town of Starkey

Your magazine has so many beautiful photographs I was wondering if you have ever considered publishing a calendar? We always purchase a calendar from the publishers of Adirondack Life.  However, we would much prefer a calendar featuring the Finger Lakes.
— Mary Ann, Fairport

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