The 74th annual spring exhibition of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration (HSEAD) will be held April 29-May 1 at the Hyatt Hotel, Rochester, New York. The exhibition of juried reproductions as well as originals is open to the public at no fee. The over 400 members of HSEAD work individually and in workshops in stenciling, gold leafing, Victorian flower painting, reverse glass painting, clock dials, country painting, freehand bronzing, theorem painting, pontypool painting, women’s painted furniture and penwork – all decorative styles that graced homes of the past. The society extensively researches original decorative art from the past 250 years, and its members strive to preserve traditional patterns.

The theme of the exhibition this year is Precious Paper, A Potpourri of Decoration. Throughout the three days members of HSEAD will explore the many uses of paper in early decoration. While members attend guest lectures  and participate in hands-on workshops,  the public is invited to attend the free exhibition of more than 150 pieces of early American decoration – penwork boxes, tin trays and boxes painted in the styles popular in the early 1800’s, freehand bronze trays, women’s painted furniture – and more. 

Those interested in the various historical decorative painting disciplines will not be disappointed by the extensive display open to the public at no charge Friday, April 29, 4-10 pm, Saturday, April 30, 9 am-10 pm, and Sunday, May 1, 9 am-noon.

HSEAD president Jeff Sheldon said, “The Historical Society of Early American Decoration and its talented members work in an exacting manner to copy and preserve antique patterns painted over the past 250 years.” He continued, “In Rochester we are pleased to display this clear link to our country’s past and share it with visitors who have an interest in artistic history.”

Early American settlers embellished household objects made from tin, wood and papier-mache. The art disciplines HSEAD painters practice today preserve these antique patterns. More than 150 beautifully crafted items, both originals and newly painted pieces like those pictured here, will be on display at the exhibition.



For further information:

Susan Tash • cell 312.802.9450 • susantash7@gmail.comHSEAD.org

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