The cradle of aviation and the heart of the New York wine country.

The historic village of Hammondsport is tucked between rolling wooded hillsides at the southern end of Y-shaped Keuka Lake. The village was part of a tract of land purchased by Captain John Shethar in 1796. It eventually passed into the hands of Lazarus Hammond and came to be known as Hammond’s Port – later changed to Hammondsport.

Reverend William Warner Bostwick planted the first cuttings of grapes (Catawba and Isabella) in this area in 1829. Thus began the tradition of grape growing and wine making that have made Hammondsport famous as the winery capital of New York. Hammondsport is the site of U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1.

Hammondsport is also the birthplace of pioneer aviator and inventor Glenn H Curtiss. Curtiss was born May 21, 1878. He came to be known as the “Father of Naval Aviation” and many of his historic flights took place over the fields surrounding the village or above the waters of Keuka Lake.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy Keuka Lake for swimming, boating, sailing and any number of other water sports. Parks along the shoreline are great for picnicking and hiking. Fine restaurants and lodgings also attract many people to Hammondsport.

Population: 753

Hidden Treasures:
The Finger Lakes Trail – A beautiful 2.45 miles is waiting for hikers just west of Hammondsport. This snippet of the trail boasts a deep post-glacial gorge and kettle hole, a beautiful hemlock forest, an abandoned rail bed and a producing vineyard at the very end.

Depot Park – Located at the head of the lake in downtown Hammondsport, the park offers public swimming, boat launching and docking, park benches and a beautiful green for strolling or lounging while enjoying the scenery of Keuka Lake.

Special Events:
Music in the Park – Every Thursday evening in the Village Bandstand during July and August

June Bug Centennial Celebration – July 4 and 5 tribute to native aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss

Keuka Lake Art Show – July 12-13

Curtiss Classic Motorcycle Rally – August 2 and 3, held by the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

Annual Festival of Crafts – August 16-17

Genundowa Festival – August 30 and 31, Haudenosaunee arts and culture festival

Palettes of Keuka – Local artists’ works on display then auctioned off in September to support the local arts industry

Grape Pumpkin Festival – October 18

Christmas in the Park – December 13


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