Wow! What overwhelming support and positive feedback we’ve had since launching our premier issue of Life in the Finger Lakes. Your e-mails and notes are pure pleasure to read. Because of your letters, putting together this issue has been more fun than ever.

A lot has happened in the world since our last issue. We now recognize how much we all took for granted. It’s hard not to take things for granted when we rush through life day after day to fit everything in. Just driving through our region in the fall can bring us back to reality – the intricate tapestry of colorful leaves on the hills, the clear crisp days with bright blue sky, seeing the fruits of the harvest at roadside stands — remind us why we live here.

In this fall/holiday issue, our photographers and writers give you many reasons to give thanks for where we live. Waterfalls abound in our region, and to see them all you have to do is follow the stream far enough. Whitetail deer, though increasingly becoming a nuisance, are one of the animal kingdom’s most graceful and beautiful creatures. Grapes and wine are such an integral piece of the Finger Lakes puzzle, and we would like to share with you some of the knowledge that goes into making a good bottle of wine. And of course, stories abound in our region of supernatural events that make for good storytelling.

We’d like to introduce a brand new department in this issue, known as Newsbits. Contained within Newsbits are short, newsworthy narratives that affect our daily lives now and in the near future.

Many people wonder what to do during the long winter months. Down­hill skiing is an exciting sport to undertake, and we in New York State are blessed with the most ski resorts of any state in the nation. At least six major resorts are within the Finger Lakes region, not to mention others that are on the fringes of the area.

The holidays bring their own brand of of sightseeing, and one of the unique things to see is the Dickens’ Christmas in Skaneateles. Go for a drive, and you can see everything from microbreweries to historic communities.

Gratitude. In this season of Thanksgiving and holiday cheer, we give thanks for you, our readers, for our little corner of the world we call home, and for the country we live in.

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