Good Times at Cafe Dewitt

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There is a restaurant in Ithaca that exists partly in the hallway of the Dewitt Mall in Ithaca. It’s called the Cafe Dewitt. This quirky but elegant well-established eatery serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch Monday-Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Much of the food is locally sourced, and the display and quality of the food suggests that the chefs put care and craft into each of their dishes. Service is attentive and welcoming. There is the sense of creativity both in the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the dishes served – specials change daily, and part of the restaurant’s décor consists of a line of fish tanks up against the side wall, complimented by a mural which hangs above featuring the image of culinary preparation … fish being cleaned to cook. The cafe clearly has a sense of humor, too.

Last week I had a farewell breakfast with my friend Felicity and another good friend of hers. Felicity was visiting Ithaca after being away for an immersion program out west. She had never been to Cafe Dewitt. For breakfast, we both ordered omelets. Mine was filled with Brie cheese, chives, chutney, and mushrooms.  It was a delicious as it sounds. The meal also came with baguette and jam, and I added a side of roasted potatoes. It was tasty, filling and fresh. Felicity ordered a side of cinnamon baguette toast, which was a nice touch. I was glad to have an omelet, but I also liked the look of our friend’s dish, the Tex Mex. This consisted of two eggs, cheddar, avocado, roasted garlic salsa, pickled onion, and sourdough bread – she ate it piling the ingredients on the toast, almost as an open-faced sandwich. Although it was relatively early in the morning when we went for breakfast, I did not need to eat again until mid-afternoon. It was a satiating and filling meal, the perfect end to my time with Felicity.

By Kathleen Malnati

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