Daffodil Daze

April is the month when winter has lost its grip and bits of color start to appear on the landscape. That is, unless you are driving in Candor and pass by Joy Zamoiski’s house, where an explosion of yellow appears all over the hillside.

For years she has been planting daffodils, now numbering more than 30,000. She started by surrounding her pond but expanded her plantings to cover her hillside and former pasture so she would have a better view from her house. Her children have taken over the yearly task of planting more bulbs, gathering on Columbus Day weekend. Last year, they added about 4,000. They surprised her for one of her milestone birthdays by planting a pattern of daffodils to spell her name in the hillside.

These days, she shares her colorful view by holding “Daffodil Daze” on the peak weekend in April. Though there might still be a bite in the air, it’s a festive atmosphere, with family and friends all gathered to celebrate spring’s arrival. I had the pleasure of visiting during the weekend, enjoying the colors of spring and leaving with a bouquet of daffodils that she cut for me as we walked among her flowers.

“Joy” is a fitting name for this gracious lady. Joy abounds when her family and friends gather on her hillside to commemorate spring’s arrival.

by Cindy Ruggieri

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