Catching the Light – The Photography of Keith Walters

Late spring is one of Walters’ favorite times to catch a sunrise at Letchworth State Park in Castile. Fog rises from the Genesee River below and the emerging sun burns through it to create a magical scene.

Keith Walters is a native Western New York photographer who has lived in Geneseo for the better part of 12 years. Walters found his calling in photography in high school, when he was introduced to the work of American landscape photographer, Ansel Adams. Walters’ photography is rooted in a profound love for the outdoors and an eagerness to share the beauty of the region.

Walters draws inspiration from Letchworth State Park and the surrounding Finger Lakes Region. The rolling hills, stunning lakes, rivers and waterfalls, clear night skies and the changing seasons provide an endless opportunity to take beautiful photos throughout the year. His work aims to evoke a feeling of grandeur and awe. It’s his desire to show that the Finger Lakes Region can compete with the likes of some of America’s most famous landscapes.

His photography incorporates the use of wide-angle lenses to create a sense of scale in relation to the sky. He primarily shoots with digital cameras, but more recently has explored the process of film. The process of shooting film causes him to be more intentional with his images, as film doesn’t provide the instant gratification using a digital camera does.

Walters and his wife, Joanna, run The Gallery in the Valley, located in the village of Geneseo. The mission of the gallery is to promote the local arts scene. Since opening its doors in November 2020, the gallery has hosted nearly 50 visiting artists – almost exclusively from the Finger Lakes and Western New York regions. The Walters host a yearly grant competition to provide funding to emerging and established artists to complete a passion project. They hope The Gallery in the Valley serves as a catalyst for the arts in Geneseo and beyond. 

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