Angelic Reflections: Photos by Amy Argona

When I shoot a photo, I am capturing a moment in time that I may be experiencing solely through my eyes, but it is a moment I can’t keep to myself.

When the digital age took hold, I found myself confused and intimidated by computer programs and cameras that did not need film. I clung to the old Minolta 35mm that had been handed down to me by my grandfather, but I quickly learned that this was not going to cut it. As darkrooms were being phased out I was forced to send my archaic rolls of film to a lab in California for processing. I was removed from the creative process and felt robbed of my passion. It was time to concede and buy a digital camera, a computer and editing software. I signed up for a Photoshop class for beginners and off I went, into this strange new world.

I have always been lucky to have the support of my parents, my children and very dear friends. They have always been there to cheer me on. It has been a wonderful journey into the unknown and I am surrounded by people, moments and visions that take my breath away.


I was chasing some interesting cloud formations when I came upon these ponies on Yautzy Road in Gorham. I was worried that my subject would become camera-shy and wander off before I had a chance to take the shot. I was able to take several shots before this pony lost interest in me.

I’ve seen this moss growing on the shale along Seneca Lake for most of my life. On this particular day, it suddenly caught my eye and beckoned to be photographed.

Born in Syracuse and raised in Ontario, New York, the beauty of the Finger Lakes was never far from my doorstep. After several years of photography courses in high school, I went on to receive a degree in graphic arts. I wanted to immerse myself in the arts and share my passion with everyone.

At a cottage on Keuka Lake, a cold rainy day didn’t stop my little cousins (and their parents) from gearing up and throwing a few lines in. I captured this shot of Kelly while she was waiting for a bite.

While traveling the back roads of Gorham, I felt like I was being watched. It turns out I was. I couldn’t resist stopping to take a photo of these serious-looking cows.

If you stumble upon Brookside Cemetery as you wind along Snell Road in Geneva, take a moment to enjoy the peaceful setting. I found inspiration in these old headstones as they stood majestically against the billowing clouds beyond.

by Amy Argona

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