Adventure Calling

Adventure can take many forms. By its definition it can mean taking dangerous and unknown risks, and it can also mean an exciting or remarkable experience, and last it can be an enterprise involving financial risk.

I think this issue of the magazine is filled with adventurous people. They may not be climbing Mount Everest or working as a stock broker on Wall Street, but they are still seeking something that’s fulfilling and exciting in their lives.

Natalie Payne is the executive director of the Finger Lakes Museum & Aquarium. She attained that position in 2015 and has been working diligently to bring the dream of a world-class museum to reality. That dream started with John Adamski, a frequent contributor to Life in the Finger Lakes. Both of these people, along with many that support them, have risked much to see a wonderful transformation take place at the museum’s location in Branchport. Through many hours of volunteer work and sheer fortitude and persistence, the fulfillment of the museum project is moving along nicely.

Natalie wanted the full Finger Lakes experience and set out on a four-day adventure with her husband, son and dogs by visiting many of the Finger Lakes while hiking and paddling (see page 24). In order for Natalie, a Finger Lakes native, to truly understand the region, she wanted to enjoy it as any tourist and sight-seeker would.

Another museum that’s recently gone through some renovations and changes is the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum near Hammondsport. Curtiss was the quintessential risk-taker, creating the first airplanes and the fastest motorcycles. The museum focuses on his accomplishments along with other related collectibles. Ben Johnson, the new executive director of the museum, is on his own adventure, relocating from Oregon to direct operations.

College is a time for new undertakings. One such adventure that my daughter sought out was rowing crew for a New York State college. She has always been a competitive swimmer and runner, and the pull of rowing crew always was an interest of hers, especially after hearing her mother describe her days rowing crew in college. Early, cold mornings on the Susquehanna River near Owego brought a sense of adventure to her. Working with teammates and pushing herself physically while enjoying nature all around appealed to her, and the headiness of rowing events fit with her competitive nature. Read Cindy Ruggieri’s article on rowing crew on page 36 to get a better idea of what I’m briefly describing.

We can all have little adventures in our daily lives, doing something different we never did before. Stepping outside of our comfort zone. They don’t have to be big, grand experiences, but they do need to be fulfilling. Enjoy autumn in the Finger Lakes!


by Mark Stash,

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